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Rathinamurthy R: On Disrupting The Way Developers Learn | Founding Crio.Do

Guest Introduction:

Having over a decade of experience in Product Management, Business Analysis, and Marketing, In 2018, Rathina switched his career from working for corporate to Build Crio, Believing “learning by doing” into the core, Crio provides specialized learning environments for young developers and Engineering students or any computer science aspirants wishing to learn production level development or product engineering. In 2019, just in a year, Crio has raised 1 Million dollars from Binny Bansal and other investors. Before Crio, Rathina was a senior Director of Product Management at Flipkart, where he was on building high-performance teams and managing product managers with extending 100s of engineers along. On top of that, the team behind Crio has built an incredible interface between academics and industry, that requires indeed in this generation

Episode Highlights

Skill Building happens most often they ain't when somebody started working, Somebody starting doing an internship, is that something which we've personally gone through, and also observed a lot, Our thought process was why should people learn only at work, why can't there can be a place where people can learn something the way they learn at work.

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