Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Exploiting with
Teja Kummarikuntla

The Exploiting Podcast is a weekly show with Conversations and Unicasts, Hosted by Teja Kummarikuntla. We resonate by diving deep into the exploiting actions by the incredible Technical, and Business leaders. With Unicasts we amplify the wisdom in the world that could help us to transform. Sounds exciting? Come exploit with us at:exploit.chat.

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Paul Orland: On Applying Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Industry | Founding Tachyus

Taking time to introspect and reflect back on our thoughts and emphasizing our inner passion and true purpose’s voice could lead your path in a way that could have a massive impact on you and others, Paul Orland on The Exploiting Podcast, revealed his pivoting and exploiting moment from Microsoft to his initiative Tachyus, a company eases the optimization of Oil and Gas Production, Sharing his initial days and 7 biggest lessons from past 7 years made this conversation with Teja Kummarikuntla more powerful, His thought process behind taking actions on rising venture capitals or customer acquisition and even about being pragmatics about Pandemic in business made the conversation loaded with value and fun

Bob Belderbos: On How To Build and Grow Communities In Technology | Founding PyBites

Discovering the potential and applying the values for mutual growth is not just a key-value for sustainable community development, Into the core, Bob, shared his personal, professional exploits with all the hustles on building a learning community in technology. Revealing the early days of PyBites made this conversation more powerful for everyone wishing to build and grow a community in Technology and for everyone wishing to kickstart their career in programming.

Women in Tech: live@Manning conferences

When the girls get coding!. Join us on your screens, Oct 13, for the live@Manning “Women in Tech” conference to celebrate the rising movement of women in technology We still have a long way to go to achieve diversity, inclusion and equality in technology.

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The Exploiting podcast is wonderful for anyone who wants to stay in touch with the latest technology in AI and related fields. Teja does a wonderful job making the guests feel at home, and asking the right questions to keep the users informed and entertained. All in all, a wonderful podcast!
Luis SerranoSerrano Academy



The work that Teja does is so inspirational to me, the way of speaking and providing valuable information to others is fascinating.. personally I liked 'On Hiking Your Own Hike', that mostly meant my life on how most of the people here running towards some profession that we don't want to do. I love to art-works but I couldn't able to take up a career on that. Listening to Teja's Podcast made a change in my thinking towards a career towards my interest. I wish your work grows with lots of success.
Pragarthi muthukumar