Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Exploiting with
Teja Kummarikuntla

The Exploiting Podcast is a weekly show with Conversations and Unicasts, Hosted by Teja Kummarikuntla. We resonate by diving deep into the exploiting actions by the incredible Technical, and Business leaders. With Unicasts we amplify the wisdom in the world that could help us to transform. Sounds exciting? Come exploit with us at:exploit.chat.

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Christian Clausen: On Grounding The Five Lines of Code with Consistency

Refactoring is a fact of life. All code is imperfect, and refactoring is a systematic process you can use to improve the quality of your codebase. Whatever your architecture, choice of OO language. Christian Clausen, author of The Five Lines of Code by Manning Publications shared his personal and professional journey behind learning and applying with consistency.

Bhavesh Bhatt: On How to Propel and to Prepare for Data Science Interviews

I think there was a lot of lessons we could learn from the past year 2020, I know its been really the toughest year straight from the beginning, and we always have that opportunity to learn from them, In this episode, Bhavesh revealed his personal learnings and professional approaches of becoming the better of him, sharing all about acing data science interviews with his experience made this conversation much impactful.



Teja's questions were really interesting, he does work a lot before asking something, those questions are well connected and deeply engaging, I enjoyed our conversation with a lot of fun, didn't realize we spoke over hours and totally enjoyed our chat. I appreciate his work towards podcasting, Btw, I love the name 'Exploiting'.
Miguel MoralesStaff Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin



Teja is always passionate about exploring and learning new things. Seizing every opportunity in his way is one of the most valuable traits he has got. It is very evident that discipline and dedication towards his work has enabled him to create this podcast. Each and every episode is distinct and interesting. Choosing the good questions makes this podcast more informative. I was excited when one of my favourite guests was invited. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. I will never miss to listen 'EXPLOITING'. Thank You for giving us quality contents through this podcast.
Monisha Damodaran