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Boris Paskhaver: On Business Economics to Software Engineering

Guest Introduction:

Boris Paskhaver is a New York City-based software engineer, author, and consultant. He’s also been an online educator on Udemy since 2016.
After graduating from New York University in 2013 with a degree in Business Economics and Marketing, Boris worked as a business analyst, systems administrator, and data analyst for a variety of companies including a digital marketing agency, a financial services firm, and an international tech powerhouse. At one of those roles, he was fortunate enough to be challenged to build several projects with Python and JavaScript.
A small work interest quickly blossomed into a passionate weekend hobby. Eventually, Boris left his former role to complete App Academy, on a rigorous full-stack web development Bootcamp in NYC. The rest is history. And also, He is the author of Pandas in Action, at Manning Publications.
Website: https://paskhaver.github.io/