Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla
Unicast: On Bursting The Brain Biases and BRules

The most significant types of thinking we adopt from friends, family, and society are typically biased by the rules that have been created by people and the culture scape; putting those rules into execution may end up in a lack of fulfillment, figuring out and knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break can make you empowered with a Purpose.

Unicast | ELI5 ON: Explaining Machine Learning To A Five Year Old

ELI5: Explain Like I’m Five Year Old, More than anything we learn, the actual intuition frames up stronger when we could deliver to a 5-year-old. In this Unicast of ELI5, amplifying the content from the Book Grokking Machine Learning, Beautifully Unfolded the intuition behind Predictions and Machine learning with a cute story of a kid.

Unicast: On Chasing Grit With Transformation

Angela Duckworth defines, Grit is a passion and sustained persistence applied towards long-term achievement, the secret to that outstanding achievement is not talent but grit, it’s a special blend of passion and persistence

Heath Slawner: On How To Find Your WHY?

Teja and Heath spoke about his journey with Simon Sinek and various factors on improving leadership in organizations. What do Leaders have in common, How to resolve conflicts in a team, How to keep the team energized and encouraged, Common mistakes Leaders do, How could someone find their purpose and WHY, How do you measure the performance of a team and many more, Heath's candid flow made this conversation much more impactful

Boris Paskhaver: On Business Economics to Software Engineering

Boris’s transformational and rigorous determination towards what he wants in life and what he wants to create in others' lives are what made this episode a cordial conversation. Uncovering his life experiences across multiple career transitions and the journey of becoming the best-selling instructor is an adventurous adjective to his work with perseverance

Jalem Raj Rohit: On How to Clutch Data Science from Academia to Industry

Clutching Data Science in a potential approach can be tricky. Taking forward right from academia to industry is where the bend of the learning curve comes into the picture, putting all together about learning, executing, and delivering. Raj and Teja spoke all about potential career paths for building or for shifting to one another. Sharing Raj's experience as a senior Data Scientist and the world's #4 Diamond moderator of Stackoverflow made his conversation much impactful.

Paul Azunre: On Balancing Passion and Profession | Music and Machine Learning

There can not be a day lived to the fullest, if you couldn't work on things you love and what makes you the most excited, it begins to become much harder when we move on with professional work not realizing we might be losing up something that we also love doing. And balancing both is where the challenge comes in. Paul Azunre, Founder of Ghana NLP and a Producer shared his journey behind the passion and his deep and clear intentions made the conversation much impactful.