Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla
Unicast: On Bursting The Brain Biases and BRules

The most significant types of thinking we adopt from friends, family, and society are typically biased by the rules that have been created by people and the culture scape; putting those rules into execution may end up in a lack of fulfillment, figuring out and knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break can make you empowered with a Purpose.

Unicast | ELI5 ON: Explaining Machine Learning To A Five Year Old

ELI5: Explain Like I’m Five Year Old, More than anything we learn, the actual intuition frames up stronger when we could deliver to a 5-year-old. In this Unicast of ELI5, amplifying the content from the Book Grokking Machine Learning, Beautifully Unfolded the intuition behind Predictions and Machine learning with a cute story of a kid.

Unicast: On Chasing Grit With Transformation

Angela Duckworth defines, Grit is a passion and sustained persistence applied towards long-term achievement, the secret to that outstanding achievement is not talent but grit, it’s a special blend of passion and persistence

Christian Clausen: On Grounding The Five Lines of Code with Consistency

Refactoring is a fact of life. All code is imperfect, and refactoring is a systematic process you can use to improve the quality of your codebase. Whatever your architecture, choice of OO language. Christian Clausen, author of The Five Lines of Code by Manning Publications shared his personal and professional journey behind learning and applying with consistency.

Bhavesh Bhatt: On How to Propel and to Prepare for Data Science Interviews

I think there was a lot of lessons we could learn from the past year 2020, I know its been really the toughest year straight from the beginning, and we always have that opportunity to learn from them, In this episode, Bhavesh revealed his personal learnings and professional approaches of becoming the better of him, sharing all about acing data science interviews with his experience made this conversation much impactful.

Roy Osherove: On Getting Out of Comfort Zone | Elastic Leadership

Uncovering the significant importance of being visible and growing by producing valuable content made this conversation much connected. Roy shared his leveraging pivot points in his personal and professional life that possibly opened up multiple opportunities and an initiative of being a technical leader. His impactful journey of getting out of his comfort zone and letting the team become much effective with various viable approaches made this talk much potential.

Yan Cui: On Becoming an AWS Servlerless Hero

What does it take to be consistent on a certain technology and build a career with valiant efforts? Yan Cui, AWS Servels Hero, Developer Advocate at lumigo.io and helping companies around the world adopt serverless as an independent consultant and the host of the Real-world serverless podcast shared his journey behind becoming a burning monk in the cloud ecosystem