Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla
Unicast | ELI5 ON: Explaining Machine Learning To A Five Year Old

ELI5: Explain Like I’m Five Year Old, More than anything we learn, the actual intuition frames up stronger when we could deliver to a 5-year-old. In this Unicast of ELI5, amplifying the content from the Book Grokking Machine Learning, Beautifully Unfolded the intuition behind Predictions and Machine learning with a cute story of a kid.

Unicast: On Chasing Grit With Transformation

Angela Duckworth defines, Grit is a passion and sustained persistence applied towards long-term achievement, the secret to that outstanding achievement is not talent but grit, it’s a special blend of passion and persistence

Unicast: On Killing ANTs, Automatic Negative Thoughts

In this Unicast, I’ve shared a practical todo that could transform and help you with Killing Automatic Negative Thoughts using Spot, Stop, and Swap.

Unicast: On Hiking Your On Hike

On this Unicast, I’ve shared one of the most powerful sayings on the “Pacific Crest Trail” it’s called “Hike your own Hike”, this is a phenomenon and a basic concept among hikers, explorers, and travelers

Unicast: On How to Transform Your Actions with One Percent Rule

On this Unicast, I’ve shared one of the most powerful ideas that I ever learned, an Idea called one percent rule. By the time you are in mid of any of your work by hardworking, there’s a high possibility that we lose our intention, it’s maybe you couldn’t find any results or maybe you were overspending your time

Paul Orland: On Applying Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Industry | Founding Tachyus

Taking time to introspect and reflect back on our thoughts and emphasizing our inner passion and true purpose’s voice could lead your path in a way that could have a massive impact on you and others, Paul Orland on The Exploiting Podcast, revealed his pivoting and exploiting moment from Microsoft to his initiative Tachyus, a company eases the optimization of Oil and Gas Production, Sharing his initial days and 7 biggest lessons from past 7 years made this conversation with Teja Kummarikuntla more powerful, His thought process behind taking actions on rising venture capitals or customer acquisition and even about being pragmatics about Pandemic in business made the conversation loaded with value and fun

Bob Belderbos: On How To Build and Grow Communities In Technology | Founding PyBites

Discovering the potential and applying the values for mutual growth is not just a key-value for sustainable community development, Into the core, Bob, shared his personal, professional exploits with all the hustles on building a learning community in technology. Revealing the early days of PyBites made this conversation more powerful for everyone wishing to build and grow a community in Technology and for everyone wishing to kickstart their career in programming.

Rathinamurthy R: On Disrupting The Way Developers Learn | Founding Crio.Do

Learning can be real and transformative, only we do also apply in real-time, “Learning by Doing” into the core, Rathinamurthy, Co-Founder of Crio.Do, revealed his experience in the initial days of Crio, and how engineering graduates and software aspirants can make an impact on the way they learn.

Miguel Morales: On How Reinforcement Learning Aligned With Human Learnings

Miguel is the staff software engineer at Lockheed Martin and works on Reinforcement learning, Missiles, Fire control, and Autonomous Systems in Denver. He is a part-time Instructional Associate at Georgia Institute of Technology for the course in Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making

Michael Kennedy: On Building a Successful Podcast in Technology | Self-employment

What makes a few specific Podcasts impactful in technology?, Michael Kenndy, Founder of Talk Python Training and Host of the number one podcast in Python, Talk Python me. Shared his personal and professional exploits in life and technology that made “Talk Python To Me“ reach millions. Michael spoke about how someone could kickstart a Podcasting in technology and what it takes, sharing his initial situations from quitting his job and getting sponsorships made this conversion transformative.

Josh Starmer: On Founding StatQuest, and Pivoting Career into YouTube | Self-employment

Josh Starmer is a passionate teacher who was a Genetics researcher at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. These days Josh’s focus is on mathematic education and he’s literally revamping the way statistics have been taught in academics.

Frank Kane: On How to Become a Successful Online Instructor in Technology | Self Employment

I’m so grateful to sit with Frank Kane, Founder of Sundog Education. Who’s deeply connected in the conversation and vulnerably revealed his life exploits and experience on making more than 1 million dollars with self-employment.

Luis Serrano: On Unlocking The Intuition Behind Math and Machine Learning

On this episode, I got a chance to speak with Luis about how unlocking the intuition behind mathematics and machine learning could impact your thinking and thought process of approaching any problem. Intense passion towards teaching resulted in authoring “Grokking Machine Learning” where someone can understand and teach Machine Learning with only stories..

Balamurugan SP: On Transforming Vernacular Learning for 6 Years

How does vernacular learning can transform the learning styles that could be more powerful and transparent? On Guvi’s 6th anniversary, Balamurugan and I spoke about the tremendous impact of Guvi that was created in the past 6 years.

Saikiran Sondarkar: On Disrupting the Education with LetsUpgrade

How do a few communities reach the most in a very short time? On this episode, Sai shared his personal journey from a student at ITM to one of the directors. Revealing his purpose behind community based learning and its potential outcomes with multiple viewpoints. Sai answered the questions that could help any learner, any leader who is trying to create an impact on their own approaches. On top of sharing his experience as the Founder and Director of LetsUpgrade,

Sudharsan Ravichandiran: On Authoring Best-Selling Books in Data Science

On this first episode, I got an extreme chance to sit with Sudharsan Ravichandiran, sharing his personal and professional exploits in his career as a Data Scientist and a Bestselling Author. In this podcast, Sudharsan exposed a little about his Book “Hands-on Deep Learning algorithms with Python“ with various questions on kickstarting a career in Data Science.