Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Unicast: On Bursting The Brain Biases and BRules


The most significant types of thinking we adopt from friends, family, and society are typically biased by the rules that have been created by people and the culture scape; putting those rules into execution may end up in a lack of fulfillment, figuring out and knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break can make you empowered with a Purpose.
In this episode of Unicast, Teja spoke about his idea of Breaking the Brules, The Bull S*!t Rules from the book “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind” for clearing the biased thinking in our lifestyle.

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Episode Highlights

Studies show that 80% of the people who work for cooperates don’t love what they do, and 50% of the lawyers are in depression and want to quit their jobs, but if you just think of the “Why” behind it? Like why is that people who literally strived so hard at the youngest age to become an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer now wanted to quit their job.