Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Bob Belderbos: On How To Build and Grow Communities In Technology | Founding PyBites

Guest Introduction:

Bob is a software developer, Python career coach, web, and a data geek specialized in creating tools to automate and optimize business processes with a decade of experience, back-in 2010 he joined Oracle, where he built web tools reducing the time-to-resolution of support engineers, later in 2012 Bob shifted his career from Perl to Python, He’s is an instructor at Talk Python Training and a contributor of Real Python.
Now, Bob is the co-founder of PyBytes, which is committed on creating well-rounded Python developers by courses, exercise, challenges or by mentoring one-on-one. On top of all of that, Bob is the one who deeply cares about others and helping them to thrive.
Visit : https://codechalleng.es/via/exploiting

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Episode Highlights

Teja: What I wanna Know is, What is the Bedrock foundation of your community that helps to grow every single day, what are those principles of PyBites that made an impact on others, those core principles.
Bob: How many Do you want?, Two or Three?
Teja: It would be so great if you could give more than three or five.