Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Saikiran Sondarkar: On Disrupting the Education with LetsUpgrade

Guest Introduction:

Sai is the youngest director in the ITM Group of institutions. He is the founder and director of the LetsUpgrade community, a community with various technologies, a community for career acceleration, which aims to revamp | rescale and Upgrade yourself with the latest technologies like Blockchain, AI, Analytics, and IoT. In the span of the last 6 months, LetsUpgrade has served over 40,000 people with an initiative called Free Coding School, I’m so glad that I got the chance to initiate Free Coding School in Jan 2019. I’m so excited to welcome and exploit with the man behind it, Saikiran Sondarkar.

Thank you so much for joining us Saikiran.

Episode Highlights

To just make this thing happen up there's needs to be one initiative or one community, we thought that is lagging up and that's where we formulated let's upgrade, is only focuses on only three aspects
Sai answered questions like:

How did #LetsUpgrade reach 40000 members in 6 months?

What is the count of the audience that you wanna reach and how do you gonna reach that mark?

Which platform gave you the best reach for a new learner joining the community?

How do you keep your audience active and engaging?

How #pandemic affected communities and how LetsUpgrade exploited pandemic?