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Prateek Narang: On How to Build an Effective Path in Engineering

Guest Introduction:

Prateek is a software developer, technology freak, ace programmer, and one of the most popular programming instructors in India. He also happens to be the co-founder of Coding Blocks and is fondly called Prateek Bhaiya by his students. His easy explanations with bite-sized content make people fall quickly in love with Coding. His interests lie in algorithms, problem-solving, and machine learning. He loves to travel, making new friends, guiding juniors, and playing table tennis in his free time. His interactive JavaScript Resume is highly popular among the student community. On top of all of that, he's someone so deep into empowering student's careers and mentoring with immense care and love.

Interactive Resume: www.prateeknarang.com
Email: prateeknarang111@gmail.com

Prateek answered questions like:

What is your plan of attack for an engineering student?

How could someone balance competitive coding and product development

How could someone know if they're ready to apply for jobs?

How effective Linkedin can get you opportunities

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