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Josh Starmer: On Founding StatQuest, and Pivoting Career into YouTube | Self-employment

Guest Introduction:

Josh Starmer is a passionate teacher who was a Genetics researcher at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. These days Josh’s focus is on mathematic education and he’s literally revamping the way statistics have been taught in academics. His videos on statistics and machine learning have over millions of views and his content focuses on breaking down complex topics into intuitive nuggets and make them reach straight into your brain, and He’s also an Instructor in Coursera. On top of all of that, He’s a singer, Songwriter, Music Graduate, Recording Artist, Holding 7 Music albums, I personally love and enjoy all his videos with such creative intros.

Thank you so much for joining us Joshua.

Episode Highlights

What's the most important thing I could be doing with my time, what is the most important thing. I genetics research you fail of all the time, failure is sort of the normal situations, success is very rare, and the only way you can make it through all that failure is to genuinely believe that what you are doing is the most important thing that you could be doing.

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