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Michael Kennedy: On Building a Successful Podcast in Technology | Self-employment

Guest Introduction:

Micheal is an amazing mentor, teacher and a software developer with over 20 years of experience he has taught over 100s of week-long training courses to professional software development teams throughout the world across 4 continents and has spoken at a number of US and International conferences including NDC, DevWeek and many others. On top of all of that, He’s Founder and Host of the top Python Podcast “Talk Python to me” and he’s also the Founder and host of another successful podcast called “Python Bytes”, this is phenomenal, he hosted over 280 guests and I’ve been following his work for quite a long time from my 1st year in engineering and he had interviewed many creators in the python community and incredible technical leaders on the planet. I highly recommend checking out “Talk Python to me” Podcast at Talkpython.fm. Besides that, Micheal is deeply connected and so much involved with communities where he's a Python Software Foundation fellow, and he’s an Author at Manning Publication, who connected us today and a MongoDB Master handling millions of requests per month.

Thank you so much for joining us Michael.

Episode Highlights

That will stick with you for years, even though five people said it was great, one person doesn't like it, and all of a sudden they're gone right? one person is like dark clouds raining on you, and you're like "come on man, traveled like 8 times to be here" are you kidding me? you gotta remember that fear and that negative feedback, you gotta keep them in check, right? because we feel it stronger than it deserves to be.

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