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Luis Serrano: On Unlocking The Intuition Behind Math and Machine Learning

Guest Introduction:

Luis is a Data Scientist, Quantum AI Research Scientist, an Incredible Teacher, YouTuber, and an amazing Author. In the past, Luis had worked for Apple and Google where he was on creating and maintaining the YouTube recommendation algorithms. He was the content lead of AI at Udacity as well. He creates and maintains the serrano.academy, which aims to make the math and machine learning easy for every single data science aspirants in the world. Before His life into technology, he was a research mathematician and Ph.D. person from the University of Michigan. On top of all of that, he’s the author of Grooking Machine Learning. Currently, Luis is a Quantum AI Research scientist at Zapata computing.

Thank you so much for joining us Luis.

Episode Highlights

The question that I would like to ask myself all the time is, that was once asked to me, what would you do if all the jobs paid the same and ther's something in your mind and that's your passion.
Luis answered questions like:

How to not start learning Machine Learning?

When did your passion for teaching has started?

How did he Join Google, Udacity, and Apple in Data Science?

How Machine learning distorts from academics to the industry?

How to understand the research papers better?

What is his brain tattoo before learning anything?

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