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Frank Kane: On How to Become a Successful Online Instructor in Technology | Self Employment

Guest Introduction:

Frank is one of the leading online instructors in Udemy, and has taught over 5 lakhs students across the world which include more than 3,80,000 students with 4.5 average reviews just in Udemy. In the past years with just 13 courses, he has made more than 1 million dollars. Frank is an incredible Teacher, Senior Developer, Technical Lead, and an amazing author. Frank spent 9 years at Amazon and IMDb where he was on developing and managing the technology that automatically delivers product and movie recommendations to hundreds of millions of customers all the time. Frank holds 17 issued patents in the fields of Distributed computing, Data Mining, and Machine Learning. Back in 2012, Frank left to start his own successful company, Sundog Software, which focuses on virtual reality environment technology and teaching others about machine learning through Sundog Education. I’ve been a huge fan of him for a very long time, the incredible thing about Frank, despite his huge impact, frank stays so grounded and so much accessible. On top of all of that, he is an incredible human who made a huge shift from corporate to self-employment. I can’t wait anymore to welcome Frank Kane.

Thank you so much for joining us Frank.

Episode Highlights

The statistics that you hear that are scary about self-employment, really the scary statistics are about working for someone else. Because, how many people do you know actally working for the same employer for 5 years?, I could flip that on its head really easily
Frank answered questions like:

Why self-employed can never be unemployed?

How fallback plans can support you in becoming self-employed?

What Unexpected expenses you could face and how business plans can help you in the journey?

How can someone become a successful online instructor

Is it really good to release courses on Udemy, this time?

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